Madden 19 Ultimate Team of the Year Out Now, featrung Brees, Gurley and More

Madden NFL is a copy of FIFA series, there are TOTW, TOTY, MOTM, SBC, Ultimate Team, Career Mode, balls, and players. It’s not friendly to new gamers, they are left behind others so they can only use poor rating squad to compete wither others, which lead to a dead circle – strong team win more and getting more powerful while poor team lose more and getting more left behind. So the only outlet is spend more time in this hockey game to mend up the rating gap? No way, don’t be slave for a video game, it’s just a tool for making fun.


Among all the 30 players, only 12 of the 30 items are higher than 95 overall, but given many of the upgrades went to previously lower rated players, this promo did well to highlight a handful of players who otherwise might not have been in position to see a boost.


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These Team of the Year player cards will be available in Madden 19 through January 23. All gamers will also get a “Welcome Pack” just for signing into Ultimate Team mode. That pack features an 80 overall player card. There will also be a Solo challenge involving Games of the Year to earn one TOTY player. By completing sets, gamers can earn more of the players from this stacked lineup.

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Full List of MUT 19 TOTY


While those two NFL stars are highlighted above it shouldn’t take away from the rest of the lineup. The Madden 19 TOTY gives the necessary respect to each position on their team. That includes the kicker and punter all the way to the left guard, linebackers, and defensive stars. Below are all of the players who made the latest Team of the Year roster.


Quarterback and Wide Receiver are most important factors in a football match, they jointly take the responsibility of general control and offensive jobs on the pitch. If you have a 95 rated quarter back, no matter how poor other of your team members are, you won’t lose to 90 rated opponents in same game skill level.


QB: Drew Brees 97

FB: Kyle Juszczyk 95

WR 1: Tyreek Hill 96

WR 2: JuJu Smith-Schuster 95

WR 3: Adam Thielen 96

LT: David Bakhtiari 95

LG: Quenton Nelson 96

C: Alex Mack 95

RG: Marshal Yanda 96

RT: Rob Havenstein 95


All aforementioned players are as lucky as Nobel Prize owner in Madden 19, but all achievements come from their unremitting efforts during 2018

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Electronic Arts is the full name of the producer of Madden NFL 19, if you see EA Sports – it’s a branch department of headquarter. The special will follow the players over the course of the three-day event that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. That includes players such as Skimbo, Drini, Blocky, and Musafa Jones among those getting the spotlight.


Madden 19 NFL Classic event details

If you play American football hockey, you should better play the video game Madden 19 so that you will have more topic with your on pitch companies. The Madden 19 NFL Classic was originally set to launch in October, however, it was postponed in light of the shooting at a qualifying tournament in Los Angeles.

Due to the shooting event, The Madden NFL 19 Classic event is closed to the public, as EA explained on the event’s official page, “As we resume competitive Madden tournaments, safety and security is our number one priority. We prepared many Cheap MUT 19 Points for PS4 only, this time the safety is 100%, and we keep the service quality at top. We will have measures to ensure all players and personnel are as safe as possible at the Madden Classic. This is our commitment, for today and the future.”

Only 16 players can join the quarter final tournament, when 64 players joined the final evening, they will take their own controller to the arena. Ultimately, a player, named Michael Skimbo crowned the champion. Of course, he will be profiled among other players in the televised special. Go to points sale market, find your favorite items and jerseys, your hockey road will be much more easier.

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Madden NFL 19 Classic TV

The Madden 19 Classic Special will go on the CW network on Tuesday (Jan. 8) beginning at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. As far as the runtime the special is one hour long. The special will feature inside stories of players over the course of the three-day event that took place in Las Vegas. As for watching The Madden 19 Classic Special show, There are a number of ways to live stream the special online, or it may be possible to watch the uniqueness after it is shown.

If you don’t know what the so-called CW is, you can check on, recently we’ve mande many FAQs for our fans and all new customers for Cheap Madden 19 Points. However, the best bets may be to check CW website, which often provides the previously-shown episodes of their shows. There are also a number of CW apps or set-top TV devices such as Roku, Apple TV, and more that will allow for watching CW content.


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As far as we know, ss a preview of what’s to come, the Madden League Ops Twitter account posted a new video clip on Sunday. In the clip, it shows Joey better gameplay in the spotlight. Manu discusses his love of gaming and competitive drive. It provides background on how he developed his love for gaming, how his father plays a part in it, and how he masters each game. That includes the focus game for the special hockey game.