Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Embraces the Myth and Legend of Ancient Greece

The first quest that you come across in this line is started by looting the chest at the southern end of Knossos Palace on the eastern side of Messara. The ruins you’re going to aren’t marked on the map, so just walk along the southern shore of the lake until you get told to scout with Ikaros. This time, the series goes even further back, to the age of ancient Greece, a time even before the titular assassins were formed.

The team behind Assassin’s Creed Odyssey decided to pay loving tribute to the team at Rockstar Games for tonight’s launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, which is happening in just a matter of hours now. If you are you looking for more about Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Credits check out our website. Clear the surrounding area of bandits, then let Odessa out of the cage and speak to her. Agree to help her escape and follow her away from the ruins.

Locate Phidias’ Workshop

You can first talk to the guard at the entrance. He won’t let you in of course unless you pay him some drachmae. Talk to Phidias and a cutscene will appear. One of the guards will come in looking for you guys. You will then split up with him and meet him elsewhere. Phidias is upstairs so you need to get in first and climb up the pillars to the small space.

Age Of Ancient Greece

Blood in the Water Quest Guide

The quests are Catch and Release, and The Arkalochori Axe. They’re both quite easy to complete and you’ll need the XP for your Odyssey. The question mark on the eastern side of the beacon is your target, the Swordfish’s hideout. It’s underwater so you need to dive down.

Completing the medallion finishes this first quest and starts another: Awaken the Myth. Another addition is the ability to choose the gender of one’s character. At the outset of the game, the player is asked to choose between Alexios or Kassandra, two descendants of Leonidas. But we’re perfectly happy kicking enemies off of mountains with a Spartan warrior in the meantime. Be careful with that last option, if you pick a different one then you’ll annoy Odessa and lose access to her next quests. This could have turned out very differently. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey allows you to take enemies down non-lethally.

Also, there’ll be a huge door there similar to the place where you forge your Spear of Leonidas. Of course, the door can’t be opened. Talk to Phidias and a cutscene will appear. One of the guards will come in looking for you guys. You will then split up with him and meet him elsewhere. Eventually, after revealing himself as a cultist, he’ll attack and fights a bit like the King of Bandits from the arena.

The True Story Quest

Once it’s over and you complete the quest, you can invite her to join your crew as a unique lieutenant. Head over to the leader house in Megara and find the clues on the second floor. Return to Odessa and agree that she’s the victim in the situation. They enlist the help of the Misthios to gather some medicinal aid, who reluctantly agrees.