Tibia: Jump Up to Eight Levels From Four 4 Vocations

This year, 2017, is the tenth anniversary of Tibia, it works well and is going to be well in the near feature. Being a quite easy but challenging game, Tibia has already created a huge community those years, and there are still lots of new entrants, gamers can downlod it in a few seconds without any limitation for system requirements. Even Linus users can play it at their ease. The design of the screen is really a nice job, clean is one of the most best things, It makes users feel comfortable, smooth is another big advantage, all setting are arranged orderly, for example, character stats, inventory and text boxes will not mixed together, they all placed on both side of the screen regularly. For those who wan to find a adventure world, Tibia is definite the optimal choice, there is a drawback in Tibia where fallback happens frequently during the competition. In addition, many advanced functions and all senior professions are available by paying for them. But, the free players can still enjoy the game with their own speed, and have the chance to jump up to eight levels from four perfessional competitions.

tibiaThe four vocations are:

Knight – Melee specialists who prefer the sword or axe to magic. Knights make an obvious choice for beginners.

Paladin – Masters of ranged combat. Paladins prefer attacking their enemies from a distance.

Sorcerer – Steeped in the arts of black magic, Sorcerers are the offensive spell casters of tibia gold.

Druid – Druids are schooled in the arts of white magic. They play a supportive role with healing and buffing spells.

Players must head to the Isle of Destiny upon reaching level 8 to chose a vocation. Premium members who reach level 20 can become advanced versions of their chosen vocation, awarding them additional benefits.

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