Explannation of Terms & Hints for Newbies in Dofus

There are many many terms in Dofus that aren’t used outside of the game. If you see someone say something and you don’t know what it means…as
k! Here is some Dofus slang you should know.


Aggro – means that the monster will attack you if you get too close.
AoE – means the Area of Effect or area that a given spell will affect
AP – Action points
MP – Movement points
DC – Disconnected from the game
F2P – Free to play or a person that plays without buying a subscription
P2P – Pay to play or a person that has bought a subscription
k – Kamas: the currency of Dofus
kk – one thousand (1,000) kamas
LoS – Line of Sight
Wc – Gobbal Warchief; a popular monster
Sadi – Sadida class
Enu – Enutrof class
Eni – Enirpsa class
Xel – Xelor class
Osa – Osamodas class
Sac – Sacrier class

There are lots more that you will learn as you spend more time on the Dofus plane.

Etiquette is very important in Dofus. Though some players would disagree, remember: You can catch more flys with honey! Be nice. Even when someone isn’t being nice to you.

Don’t beg. Asking someone for help is one thing but sitting around begging for kamas or free items/stuff is annoying and you will never get anything that way.

Be honest. If your honest you will make friends very quickly and likely be invited to a guild. Friends can make your life in Dofus a lot easier. For example some items can only be dropped if two or more people are in a fight so if you have a friend that is willing to help you’ll be able to attain the item.

In this section I would also like to point out the over use of a term used to insult people. That term is ‘noob’. A noob is someone who has played the game but only plays to annoy and take advantage of other people. This should not be confused with the term ‘newb’ which is used to describe a person who is new to the game. DO NOT run around Dofus calling people ‘NEWB’ or ‘NOOB’. You will not be well received.

Class and Statistics
No one class is any better than the other. However, each class does have it’s own strengths and weaknesses. I suggest picking a class that you are most attracted to and putting all your effort into that single character. But, in the end it’s your choice. Here are your choices:

Cra’s Range
Cras are the bowmen/women of Dofus. They excel at long range damage. They can usually take down a foe before the foe even gets close enough to bite/claw/punch. This is a good class for those who don’t mind sitting in the back and sniping monsters while others attack up front. Cras have low hp so if a monster does get close, you may die.

Ecaflip’s Coin
Ecaflips (Ecas) are the gamblers of Dofus. Many of the Ecas skill rely on chance. You might take down your foe with one blow or you may end up damaging yourself. It’s all up to Lady Luck with this class. Ecas are a popular choice because they have a fairly strong attack at early levels. But, as mentioned earlier the Ecas attacks are uncertain and may not end well for you…

Eniripsa’s Hands
Eniripsas (Enis) are the healers of Dofus. The Enis skills are mostly for healing or buffing allies. This makes them a welcome addition to groups and guilds. As an Eni you won’t have much trouble making friends. But, a healer can’t fight and heal. So you should consider being an Eni only if you don’t mind staying back from the fight and healing the warriors of teh front lines.

Strength (Str):
* Effects neutral and earth elements.
* Increases carrying capacity by 5 pods per point.
* Increases initiative by 1 per point.
* This characteristic is traditionally associated with Sadida, Sram, Ecaflip, Iop, Sacrier, Pandawa and Cra.

Vitality (Vit):
* Increases life (max and current) by 1 per point.
* This characteristic is tradtionally associated with Osamodas and Sacriers.

Wisdom (Wis):
* Increases Experience gains by 1% per point.
* Increases AP loss resistance by 1% per 4 points.
* Increases MP loss resistance by 1% per 4 points.
* Increases Reflect efficiency by 1% per point.
* Increases initiative by 1 per point.
* Increases the Effectiveness of AP reducing spells.
* It also increases your chance to steal AP and MP, compared to the opponent’s Wisdom.
* This characteristic is associated with Xelor and Eniripsa, due to damage reflect & all classes due to the increase experience gain.

This is where I’ll end for now. There is a lot more that will be added to this guide in the future. Suggestion and comments are welcome but don’t be rude!

Also, if you have any questions about Dofus, please, post them here and I will answer them as best I can!