FIFA 18 Tips: Three Easy Ways to Make Coins in the Game

So you’re playing FIFA 18, and need some easy ways to make coins. Without coins, you cannot add quality players to your team, and you can’t buy a variety of other goodies that could help your cause in FIFA Ultimate Team. So how can you earn a lot of coins in the game without breaking your back in the process, and without having to spend any real money on coin-selling sites that might be dodgy all along? We’ve got three basic ways for you below, and we’re going to explain them in full detail; read on if you need to earn more coins with as little difficulty as possible!


Play More Ultimate Team Matches And Complete Weekly Challenges

In FIFA 18, the easiest way to make coins is arguably what we would call the “organic” way. That means playing the game like you normally would, but to be more specific, we’re referring to playing matches against human opponents in Ultimate Team mode. A win in Ultimate Team will earn you about 400 coins or so, and as you keep racking up the wins, you’ll also notice the coins adding up. You should also get about a thousand coins or so if you top your division and get promoted.

In addition to the regular matches in FIFA Ultimate Team, you can also take part in the weekly challenges and tournament. EA Sports regularly holds these specials for FIFA Ultimate Team players, and those who do well oftentimes end up with a solid amount of coins as part of the rewards. Then again, it all depends on the event — you can simply go to the Tournaments section on the Ultimate Team menu, and check it at least a few times a week to see if EA Sports has launched a new tournament or challenge. Even the regular tournaments reward 500 coins to those who win matches — that’s not bad at all, and as you may have noticed, that’s more than your usual reward for winning standard Ultimate Team matches.

Play regularly, and better yet, play well in FIFA 18 — that’s an easy way to make coins, though the “playing well” part may still depend largely on the strength of your team.

Use Coin Boosts To Modify Your Post-Match Winnings

Not satisfied with the coins you can earn for winning matches? Fear not, because FIFA 18 comes with coin boosts, which you can unlock by means of EA Football Club Credits, or FCCs. Playing the game naturally will allow you to earn more FCCs, and you can then use these in the Football Club Catalogue. As you keep levelling up in the game, you will unlock different rewards from the catalogue, and these include coin boosts — the smallest coin boost available will add 200 coins to your post-match earnings for a limited period of time.

Once you’ve got some coin boosts, you can then play FIFA 18 and expect to easily earn coins after you’ve applied the boost and taken on opponents in the online leagues. Each match victory will earn you at least 600 coins if you’ve got the boost activated, and if you also consider the possibility of topping your division and getting promoted to the next, just think of how far those coin boosts can get you. We’ve heard of players earning several thousands of coins per hour by doing well in the online leagues, meaning well enough to get promoted — that, of course, is the big caveat, but as you can see, the coin boosts do a world of good in themselves.

Play The Transfer Market

As any FIFA 18 player should know, the internet (especially YouTube) is teeming with videos and blog articles that could help you play the transfer market like a pro. Not only is this a great way to help you improve your team in FIFA 18, it can also be an easy way to make coins. That’s right — you can earn a fortune by playing the market, and employing tactics such as “sniping,” which is picking up good, yet undervalued players on a huge discount and reselling them at a higher price that’s more befitting of their talent. There’s also the technique of making multiple bids on several player cards of a kind, which is another good way to earn via the Transfer Market. If you play your cards right, you can earn quickly by this method, so read on for more specifics!

When it comes to playing the Transfer Market in FIFA 18 as an easy way to make coins, mass bidding (as mentioned above) arguably stands out as the fastest method. First of all, you’ll want to be on the lookout for in-demand players who are cheap enough for a series of bids. Most players suggest the Spanish La Liga and the English Premier League as the best places to look, and looking for players whose best positions include, but may not be limited to, center forward, left back, and/or right back. But regardless of which league you wish to look at, and which position you want to go for, the key here is looking for high-demand, low-supply players, but not those who cost way too much.

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