Genshin Impact exceeds 17 million downloads

buy Genshin Impact Account Genshin Impact a free action RPG released has already added more than 17 million downloads in just four days considering the versions for Android and iPhone (iOS). The figures were released by the App Annie website which specializes in mobile market statistics this Sunday.

Whilst no reports have been made in regards to the PS4 and PC figures it’s likely that the total figure is considerably higher than 17milion users have downloaded Genshin Impact on mobile.

It’ll be interesting to see where MiHoYo takes Genshin Impact from here. We do know a Nintendo Switch port is in production and MiHoYo has confirmed they are eyeballing next-gen (sorry Xbox fans it sounds like Genshin Impact will be skipping out on the Xbox One). The game came under some scrutiny recently due to censoring words like “Taiwan” and “Hong Kong” in chat (and apparently “words” as well) which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering it’s a Chinese game produced in mainland China. That doesn’t excuse the censorship but China is gonna China and developers within the country are under more pressure to comply with the laws of the land than Western developers.

The game includes a host of different characters and you can build up your own party of four playable Genshin Impact Primogem Account for sale characters that you can customise and swap between. It also includes its own progression system with character and adventurer levels to take its own unique spin on the format. And finally it has co-op cross-play support so up to four players across PS4 iOS Android and PC can head into battle and take on dungeons together.

The title has mechanics for cooperative matches. There is still the possibility to continue your progress on other devices: you can install on your phone and continue to evolve the character in the PC version or even PS4  and vice versa.

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