Genshin Impact will be updated every six weeks

Genshin Impact Accounts The co-op RPG Genshin Impact is currently breaking records. It was able to recoup its development costs of around 100 million US dollars only twelve days after the release and the income continues to rise steadily. It is considered the most successful launch of a new brand from a Chinese development studio.

“We have plans to launch Genshin Impact on the next generation consoles and we will announce these editions as the plans are realized. At the moment we have no intention of making the title available on Xbox ” explained the producer.

Remember that Genshin Impact will also be available on Nintendo Switch although for now the version for the Nintendo console continues in development and there is still no clear release date. However Genshin Impact Primogem Accounts with these plans and a possible new Switch on the horizon who knows what could also happen with the platforms of the company that Shuntaro Furukawa now directs.

Genshin Impact will be updated every six weeks with version 1.1 scheduled for November 11 and another later on December 23 that will add the Dragonspine zone. In the future the next Teyvat region to be added will be Inazuma although it will not be until later at the earliest in March 2021.

If you want to play on the Xbox be it on the Xbox One or the upcoming Xbox Series X / S you don’t have to hope for a moment. Because miHoYo currently has no plans to release Genshin Impact for Microsoft’s consoles. At the moment it cannot be said whether this will change at some point. Right now it looks like Xbox fans will not be enjoying the RPG game.

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