In order to help you play Black Desert better

Black Desert Online has now officially launched, Black Desert Gold with MMO fans worldwide tentatively sinking their teeth into this heavily anticipated entry into the genre. But with its eight classes providing their own unique twists on the selection of player-characters we’ve come to expect from MMOs, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing which one you’ll be taking on your adventure with you. Bait is what you can equip with a fishing rod before casting it on the line. It increases the fishing speed by a certain amount of time. However, bait is completely option, and mostly unnecessary, especially if you are trying to get the hang of the entire concept of fishing in the game.

In order to get bait, you will need to collect 5 Fish Tokens. These are obtained when you trade caught fish with the Fish Merchant. Once you have 5 tokens, you can exchange them for bait or a random buff. If you haven’t been following Black Desert Online’s development, you probably know it as ‘that one with the crazy character creator’, and you’d be right—we’re approaching Black Desert’s second and final beta, and the character creator has been deemed special enough for a standalone release ahead of time. This tool allows for unprecedented character design, never seen before in any video game.

You can create your dream hero or heroine and prepare for Black Desert Online once it launches. Now that you have Nodes that you’re investing in, you’ll need to hire some workers to gather resources and take care of things. Hiring a worker is easy. You’ll need 5 Energy and about 3,ooo Silver. After acquiring a node, locate the Worker Supervisor in the linked city. After playing around with it for a bit, I’ve come away with mixed feelings. It’s decent. You can, if you’re so inclined, make pretty striking versions of real people, celebrities, and so forth. In terms of just having fun customizing, I can see how a certain set would enjoy this a lot.

If you can’t find them on your own, use the worker button to locate and auto-run to the proper person. When you have generated your character, you can save the character creation file and freely import it into the game or share it among friends. Furthermore, we will be running several competitions to test your character design skills. You can win amazing prizes such as a Black Spirit figurine, Black Desert Online T-shirts, Beta Access and in-game currency. You can download it and marvel at the results (hideous or uncomfortably beautiful) here. Any characters you make in the creator can be imported both to the beta and the finished game.

The second part of the mini-game is triggered when you hit the bar correctly but don’t land a Perfect. This stage will merely have you pressing the key sequence in correct order before the timer bar reaches zero. Failing to hit even one of the sequences or time running out will result in you losing the fish. When you successfully hit the sequence, you will catch the fish, which will bring up your loot inventory. You can either collect the fish or decide to leave it. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a guide to choosing your starting class in the game, helping you make that difficult first choice. Note that each class is gender-locked and meaning that they’re each tied to their specific sex, Black Desert Silver so you won’t be able to play as a female warrior or a male ranger.