Madden 18 Player Stats Guide

You might be looking out for the best players that Madden 18 has to offer, but you can’t always go by the overall rating of each one. Do you know which stats matter most for the running back position, or for your cornerbacks? With this Madden 18 player stats guide, we’ll tell you what stats to look out for at every position.

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Madden 18 Player Stats Guide

Firstly, why do the stats of each player matter? Well, particularly in Madden Ultimate Team, you want to have the right personnel for the role. Does your offense revolve heavily around mid throws, deep throws, or simple check downs? Either way, you’ll need to know which area the quarterbacks on your team excel in.

Madden 18 QB Stats – THP, TAS, TAM, TAD, Play Action

All the stats that revolve around throw power are essential for the quarterback, as well as the play action statistic. In the order they’re listed above, the throw power, throw accuracy short, throw accuracy mid, and throw accuracy deep all dictate whether your QB is best at throwing the ball deep downfield, or is better suited to completing 10/15 yard passes.

Madden 18 HB Stats – Elusiveness, Trucking, Juking, Run Vision, Awareness

Each stat listed above is crucial to the running back position, and basically dictates what situations your HB will excel in. Is their trucking better than their juking or elusiveness? This tells you that they’re better for running through defenders than around them, and are great when you need a gain of just a few yards.

Madden 18 WR Stats – Release, Route Running, Catch in Traffic, Spec Catch, Awareness

A good release stat is essential for any wide receiver that stands a hope of gaining some separation between them and a defender, while the route running stat dictates how good they are at performing special moves such as cuts when running their assigned routes.

Madden 18 TE Stats – Catch in Traffic, Speed, Awareness

Catch in traffic is a key stat for your tight end, as they’ll usually be running rights in the midst of plenty of defenders. Awareness helps with both catching the ball and knowing which defenders to block in run plays, so this is pretty essential too.

Madden 18 OL Stats – Impact Blocking, Awareness, Strength

The impact blocking and strength statistic will tell you how effectively your lineman can block for, and also for how long they can hold the opposing player off. The awareness stat helps them to see any incoming defenders that are currently unblocked, and attempt to block them before they reach your QB.

Madden 18 3-4 DE Stats – Strength, Block Shedding, Play Recognition

While awareness dictates how smart an offensive player is, play recognition is the same on the defensive side of the ball. The strength and block shedding stats indicate how effectively your DE can go through an opposing OL player.

Madden 18 4-3 DE Stats – Block Shedding, Acceleration, Speed, Play Recognition, Finesse Moves

Defensive ends effectively have more to do in the 4-3 scheme, hence the need for more important stats. Acceleration and speed only help towards blitzing, while finesse moves can allow them to get around an offensive line player with ease.