Runescape continues to offer a huge variety of play

From being a somewhat detached tale of warring factions, RuneScape’s narrative is becoming about the ongoing history of the game itself. “Our gods represent different emotions, but those emotions lead nicely to differently aspects of gameplay,” Ogilvie says. “Generally speaking a player-killer is more likely to follow Zamorak, because Zamorak overthrew his master and stabbed him in the face with a holy relic. They love to stab things in the face.” Jagex are trying something truly ambitious with RuneScape 3, and it’s worthy of close attention. The new RuneScape is built around a set of ideas – player power, persistent change and community-building – rather than a fixed goal for the future. “It doesn’t need to have an end point, but it needs a purpose,” says Mansell. “That allows you to embrace whatever the players throw at you.

The three basic combat styles are magic, melee and range (archery). Characters do not have classes and they are all human so every character can use all of the combat style. If a character wants to use melee, he or she equips a melee weapon and the same is true of magic and range. Dungeoneering is a skill in RS and it is one of the best things about the game. The instanced dungeons are different each time the player enters one and they can be played either solo or in groups of up to five people. Runescape Gold for sale continues to offer a huge variety of play to its “F2P” members; without paying the monthly fee (which is currently set at $5.95 per month), players are allowed access to the majority of skills and most of the content under each ability. Subscribing provides access to an additional nine skills, members-only servers, and a world which is suddenly three times larger. Arguably, this is one of the biggest “P2P” upgrades while being offered at one of the lower subscription rates.


While the implementation of quests and rewards is certainly not unique to Runescape, I have experienced few games with a wider range of humorous content. Unlike other MMORPGs, RS does not require the player to perform the same quest repeatedly to gain experience, faction, or other skills. Once completed, the player receives their reward; sometimes an item, occasionally access to a new world or experience in the skill(s) featured. It’s pretty easy to make money in the game and there’s no way to buy in-game coins with real life money. All players have access to player trading and a stock market where you can buy and sell your items with ease. A lot of people use this as a way of making money so if you’re into number crunching then go right ahead and try ‘flipping’ for cash.

You earn money in Runescape in quite an organic fashion, through training your skills and selling the materials. If you don’t know what to do with your time in Runescape there are things called ‘daily challenges’ where free players get up to 2 at a time. These challenges will tell you to do something like craft x amount of x or kill x amount of x and then reward you once the task is completed with experience in the relevant skill and trading items if it involved collecting and handing over materials. Daily challenges are a great way to trying out new areas of the game that you may have not yet experienced as it encourages trying out new activities. There is also a task system available in one of the cities where, by completing a set of tasks you’ll get an item with special abilities at the end of it along with a bit of money for each task completed.

RuneScape is an BBMMO designed to resemble World of Warcraft (WoW), in that you create your own questions and go off on your own adventures, either with a group of your friends or solo. The game is designed around quests and experience, with hundreds of quests available in many different areas of the RuneScape world. In RuneScape, there is no storyline. Rather, the goal of the game is to complete quests from a list of dozens of available questions. You choose which path you wish to take, giving the user the choice of what he or she would like to do on any given day.