Bless Unleashed on PC via Steam with a solid amount of complaints about lag and crashing

Bless Unleashed has launched on PC via Steam — although, looking at the current reviews, you may want to wait to jump in. There’s a solid amount of complaints about lag and crashing. That said, if you’re willing to brave the launch issues, there are a few launch events going on in the game right now. Starting today, a Welcome Ticket Event is under way. This event lasts until August 25 during which time players can hunt down Welcome Tickets in the game world and use them to obtain the “Launching Anniversary GM Gift Box.”

Naraka reached a peak of 70,731 concurrent players on day one, as SteamDB shows, making it the tenth-biggest game on Steam for the day. (Or it was, until the Back 4 Blood beta pushed it to number 11.) That puts it right between a pair of free-to-play games, the venerable Warframe and the recently (re)released Bless Unleashed.

Bless Unleashed is a revamped version of Bless Online, which launched in 2018 and was cancelled in 2019. (The original never exceeded its launch-day player peak of 34,392.) Unleashed brought a revamped version of that game to consoles in 2020, but this is the first time it’s been available on PC.

There have been many changes from the console versions in order for PC players to have the best possible version for their preferred platform. Everything from the UI to the combat, controls, and visuals have been overhauled in response to direct player feedback.

Bless Unleashed currently has 5 different character classes, suitable for each type of player’s playstyle. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, suitable for each position in a combat team. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each character class will make it easier for players to access and understand the game:

Crusader – A class of warriors with a high defensive bias.
Berserker – A class of warriors with a penchant for melee attacks. Furthermore, Berserker’s survivability and defense ability is also extremely respectable.
Ranger: The character class uses bows and crossbows, which can create great physical damage. Flexibility, dodging well is Ranger’s forte.
Mage: The ultimate sorcerers with the ability to deal massive magic damage. In addition, Mage also has many effects to stun, freeze, burn, and damage on a large scale.
Priest: Monks are special support people with the ability to heal, improve stats, and revive.

Early user reviews of Unleashed have been mixed, as players are calling the game’s monetisation ‘pay-to-win’ – especially since the game features forced PvP past level 30.

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