Play Together takes place in a sandbox open-world and is intended to be enjoyed by people of all ages

Play Together is a casual, arcade-based mobile social networking game intended for all ages. It’s set in a sandbox open world called Kaia Island, with activities that combine minigames, customisation, and socialising features together into a social platform to interact with.

Play Together takes place in a sandbox open-world and is intended to be enjoyed by people of all ages. When you first arrive on Kaia Island, you’ll find yourself in the Plaza. From here, you’ll be able to discover a bunch of different mini-games and activities.

HAEGIN is also supporting content creators worldwide through the launch of the Partner Program. Content creators can apply for this program via the official community or from the in-game creator highlight section “Play TV”. The selected partners will be announced in batches, the first of which will be released on the 27th of August.
Game mode
At the beginning of the game, you can join alone, then make friends with new friends or join “friends”. Players need to complete the tasks given in the game to receive bonuses, thereby buying items such as costumes, furniture, etc.

In addition to earning money from missions, you can also go around the city and participate in mini games to receive more bonuses. Everyone in the Play Together world is quite sociable and friendly, so don’t be shy, just boldly get to know each other and make friends.

Besides performing tasks, players can also perform daily activities with friends such as going to school, going fishing, going to the beach or having fun at the amusement park.

You’re free to do whatever you want in this world. The minigames include fun activities such as fishing, camping, or socialising with other players at parties and hangouts.

Obtain Bonus Stars and Gems
Besides pizza delivery missions, there are several ways to obtain bonus cash/stars:

– Tap on “Free Reward” on the upper-left corner of the screen. Claim the first free reward and watch 30-sec ads to earn stars. You might also receive gems.
– Take up daily missions. Tap on the pinned note on the right side of the screen to complete all missions. You will receive stars and gems from certain missions.
– Play mini games at the game center.
– Complete achievements – can be found in the smartphone. Finish and claim rewards to earn bonus gems. Keep completing all achievements until the level bar fills up and unlock new clothes, accessories, actions and emojis.
– There’s a ‘My Friends’ space in your in-game smartphone. Tap on it and invite friends to receive stars and gems.
– Catch Fish and sell them for stars.

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